The BEYOND Frisco studio is located at Legacy & Lebanon – about a mile off the Tollroad via Lebanon or 2 miles up Legacy from Toyota’s HQ.

We take the word “Fancy” and throw it out the window.  There’s no need for “fancy” and “fitness” to be in the same sentence. We want the vibe at BEYOND to be Fun, Functional and Familiar. We want your experience to flow seamlessly!  Because BEYOND takes traditional workouts and turns them upside we try to do the same with the design of our studios.



4851 Legacy Drive #503
Frisco, TX 75034
(469) 640-0349


BEYOND is an innovative, fun, and fresh fitness brand featuring music driven workouts in our unique boutique-style studios. We re-mix traditional fitness programs with our BEYOND style to create a memorable and successful experience that is much more than just a workout. Our studios offer a limited number of spaces to ensure that you receive the personal motivation and attention that you deserve. Our 50-minute sessions are designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Everyone from newcomers, to enthusiasts, to seasoned fitness pros will benefit from our BEYOND experience and passion.


Believe in yourself. Empower your mind. Push your limits. Energize your life. GO BEYOND.


It’s not Pilates; it’s BEYOND. Our signature Pilates class combines legendary fitness techniques with pumping tempo-specific music to create a full-body workout on our customized reformer, a.k.a. The Bed. Boredom is not in our vocabulary during your anything-but-sleepy 50-minute workout: think smooth, continuous movements shaken up with heart rate-directed intervals to make you sweat, shake and burn every time we take you BEYOND. We’ll teach you how to put your mind to your muscle to take your movement and your body to the next level.


Cardio-intensity reformed. Tested and approved to give your body what it needs.


Visionaries • Mentors • Motivators • Gurus • Innovators