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BEYOND Preston Hollow

BEYOND is an innovative, fun, and fresh fitness brand featuring music driven workouts in our unique boutique-style studios. We re-mix traditional fitness programs with our BEYOND style to create a memorable and successful experience that is much more than just a workout. Our studios offer a limited number of spaces to ensure that you receive the personal motivation and attention that you deserve. Our fifty minute sessions are designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Everyone from newcomers, to enthusiasts, to seasoned fitness pros will benefit from our BEYOND experience and passion. Believe in yourself. Empower your mind. Push your limits. Energize your life. Go BEYOND.

BEYOND bootcamp
BEYONDbootcamp is a high-energy PHIT (Pilates Hybrid Interval Training) workout designed to help you:


Develop lean muscle mass, increase strength, and sculpt your physique using kettle bells and resistance bands.


Improve mobility, flexibility, and stability with Pilates exercises on the mats and Pilates reformers.


Increase your cardiorespiratory endurance, spike metabolism, and shed fat during (and long after) class on our self-powered Woodway Curve Treadmills.

You can have the best of both worlds.  Reform + Run is our signature blend of controlled, low-intensity Pilates movements and the sweaty intervals of metabolism-boosting cardio.  We’ll challenge your body’s natural balance through a series of movements on our customized reformer, improving your strength, flexibility and posture.  Then we’ll transition you to the star apparatus from our 500 workout, the Woodway Curve treadmill, where your heart rate will move to new heights on an empowering roller coaster ride.  YOU provide the power on this self-propelled treadmill that’s 30 percent more effective than the conventional model, so controlling your movement and intensity is still the name of the game.


Performed on the Pilates Reformer. Students should be capable of exhibiting the principles of concentration and control as each exercise transitions from one to the next in the classical order. Limited to 6  intermediate to advanced participants. This class is not recommended if you have any injuries.





Target your goals, perfect your practice and skyrocket your results with BEYOND ready, our private training program. BEYONDready is the missing piece to your BEYOND puzzle if…


  • You need practice. You walked out of your class with the stark realization that your coordination, endurance or strength could use some work.
  • You have very specific goals you want to achieve. And you’re tired of trying a hundred and one different workouts that haven’t delivered the specific results you want.
  • You’re training for a special event or working to see results within a specific timeframe. If you give us a deadline — coupled with dedication and hard work — we will deliver the results you want.
  • You’d rather work in a private setting. Because you’re cool and mysterious like that.


You have a packed schedule. Not an excuse in the BEYOND world. Email us at to schedule a Private Session



If you attend a class at Henderson, Lovers or Preston during Adventure Kids Playcare | North Dallas hours, you get FREE childcare during your class. Just drop off your little ones, complete registration with their front desk and GO BEYOND. Meals, diapers and pants at Adventure Kids Playcare are not free during the visit, but smiles and fun are guaranteed for your kiddos while you get your sweat on. For more info email