BEYOND: How did you come to be a part of the BEYOND family?

ERIN: I have known Elissa for a decade. (We are both 25)…. And in even in LA at the same time! She knew I ran…. But encouraged cross training… I fought her tooth and nail… And a year ago… Gave in.

BEYOND: How did you start your fitness journey?

ERIN: I have been running since I was 5. There was a pumpkin pie run at my elementary school, where you ran with a parent. My dad ran with me. We came in last. From there, I was determined. Silver lining = everyone that finished was given a pumpkin pie. I finished the entire thing.

BEYOND: What motivates you to live an active and healthy lifestyle?

ERIN: I love the way being fit feels. Mentally and Physically. I use it as therapy. The bill from a shrink would be horrendous. I also eat pretty healthy but love dark chocolate and vino. Every day. Balance is important.

BEYOND: What’s your favorite BEYOND exercise?

ERIN: I love the Curve (less the Quarter Mile)…and lunges on the chair. Addition- I dislike burpees (runner’s knees)

BEYOND: What is your go-to pre/post workout snack?

ERIN: Brown Rice cakes + almond butter & a giant cup of black coffee

BEYOND: What’s your favorite training gear/ apparel?

ERIN: So many!!! Right now = Hot on Outdoor Voices & Fabletics (when will I start to look like Kate Hudson? Lululemon is always a staple too.

BEYOND: When not taking a BEYOND class you are…?

ERIN: Working as a Retail SM in Highland Park Village. Hanging with my parents or my guy, & I love my shows. Guilty Bravo addict. “Ladies of London” & “Vanderpump Rule”. HELLO also… Sports 24/7. Went to Texas Tech. Love my Dallas teams too.

BEYOND: What’s your idea of going BEYOND?

ERIN: Pushing yourself. If the instructor says hit 7.0.. I shoot for 8.0… If there is a move that can be enhanced or challenged…. I try it… Even for 10 seconds. I am training for my 15th marathon this Spring (Seattle). Beyond has transformed my body and taken 15 minutes off my overall marathon time. And all the instructors are my friends. I respect the gift they all have. It’s a rad experience every time!